Rules for 7/8 Rec Basketball

Updated Tuesday January 2, 2018 by USR Basketball Association.

7th and 8th Grade Recreation Program

Basketball Rules

 10 minute quarters – clock runs until the last 2 minutes of the game, at which time it stops on all referee whistles.
 Each player will play a minimum of half the game, every game (very important!)
 At the 5:00 mark of each period, the clock will stop and everyone on the bench will be substituted.
No substitutions at any other time in the period except for injury or for a player who has played the
first portion of the period. Each period stands alone. Every player must sit out one-half of one
quarter in each half of the game. Thus, no player should play more than 3 quarters.
 Backcourt defense allowed. When a team is ahead by 10 points, no backcourt defense is allowed –
team may continue backcourt defense if/when lead is less than 10 points. Team that is losing by 10
points may use backcourt defense.
 A team leading by 20 points at the beginning of the 4th quarter will remove its 2 best players from
the game. Players may return if lead is less than 20 points but only at the 4 minute mark.
 3 point baskets are allowed.
 A player fouls out on the fifth personal foul. Each team is allotted 4 timeouts per game. 1 timeout
is added for overtime.
 In the event of a tie at the end of 4 periods, a 3 minute overtime period(s) will be played.
Winning team’s coach is to send results. Please give your team’s name, grade level, opponent’s team
name, date and score. Please report forfeits as well.
Each team should provide a parent to either run the scoreboard or keep the scorebook.
Gym time is at a premium. If a team cannot field 5 players at the start of a game, a forfeit will be declared.
In a situation where a team only has 5 players and one or more player’s fouls out, the player(s) will be
allowed to remain in the game so the team has 5 players on the court. Any subsequent fouls after the fifth
foul will result in a technical foul – 2 free throws and the team fouled retains possession of the ball. If it is
known in advance that a team cannot play, please call your grade commissioner so we can inform the
If a team knows it will only have 5 or fewer players, it may call up a player(s) so that the team will have 6
players available. 7th-8th grade teams may only call-up 6th grade players. The called up player(s) must play
at least half the game but cannot play more than regular team members.
Please try to keep all the kids in the gym during games. We want to avoid any mischief or vandalism in
the schools. Make sure all clothing, water bottles, etc. are removed from the gym after games and
practices. Be cooperative with the referees. For the most part they are high school and college kids and
they will make their share of mistakes. 

If a player receives a technical foul, they will get a warning.  After a second technical foul, that player will be suspended from the next game.