Coach's Code of Conduct

Updated Sunday April 3, 2016 by USR Basketball Association.



The Board members of the Upper Saddle River Basketball Association have established a formal coach’s code of conduct to ensure that our Basketball Coaches understand what the goals and expectations are in running a team in our program.


Objectives of the Upper Saddle River Basketball Association


  1. Promote the enjoyment of the sport of basketball by providing every child who attends practice and is physically capable with the opportunity to learn the game of basketball to play and support their teammates.
  1. Promote the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, physical fitness and leadership to the children of Upper Saddle River through the game of basketball by providing them with a positive environment in which they will learn these values together with the fundamentals of the sport, enabling them to increase their enjoyment of the game.
  1. Try to build the self-esteem of our players by teaching them the fundamentals of sport and the positive values provided by sport that will enable them to grow as a participant and person.


Expectations of Behavior


  1. I will treat the referees, players, coaches, and parents of this association, as well as players, coaches and parents of our opposition, with respect and dignity.
  2. I will approach teaching the game of basketball by stressing the fundamentals, discipline and sportsmanship of the game.
  3. I will promote an atmosphere in practice and in games where the athlete will enjoy his experience and want to continue in the sport of basketball.
  4. I will not verbally or physically abuse a player, parent, coach, referee or board member at any time.




1.  It is the responsibility of all coaches to lead by example. Good sportsmanship is fundamental to the success of our basketball program. Therefore, if a coach gets called for a technical foul, due to improper or abusive conduct he is given a warning by the board. If the coach receives a 2nd technical foul, for the same or similar off during the season, he/she will receive a two game suspension or at the discretion of the Board be asked to leave the program.


2.  The coach must also be responsible for the behavior of each player’s parents.

     It is the responsibility of the coach to make sure all parents behave properly at all games. If a parent is acting inappropriately, the refs will inform the coach and it is the coach’s responsibility to speak to the parent. The coach should let the parent know that if this behavior continues he/she will be asked to leave the gym immediately. If the parent refuses to listen to the coach, he/she and the child will be suspended and will not be able to attend the next game. Any incidents should reported to the Association.                                                 


  1. Although we have hall monitors in Bogert/Travers, it is the responsibility of the coach to make sure all young children who attend the game must sit with their parents. The best way to handle this is to have a team meeting at the start of the season and discuss expectations with your team parents.


  1. Coaches must familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations as established by the Basketball Association for their program. They should also carry a copy of the rules and regulations to each game. If there is a question about how a rule is being interpreted by the referees that a coach would like to question, the coach must wait to the end of the quarter to approach the referees. At no time other than between quarters should a coach question a referee’s call.  All complaints regarding a particular referee should be addressed with the referee coordinator or directly with the association.
  1. At any point during the season at the discretion of the Board, a coach may be removed from the program due to behavior that is deemed to be improper and detrimental to the Basketball Program




I understand and accept that I, as a coach of the Upper Saddle River Basketball Association I represent the Association and that I will adhere to the expectations of that Association.   I understand and accept that if I do not adhere to the expectations of the Association I can be removed from my coaching position.



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