Travel Basketball Program

Updated Thursday November 2, 2017 by USR Basketball Association.




The Travel Basketball is open to boys and girls going into 3rd - 8th grade for the coming school year.  All players must be residents of Upper Saddle River or attend a school located in Upper Saddle River.


The annual cost to participate in the Travel Basketball Program is:
 - $315 for Grades 3, 4 and 5
 - $400 for Grades 6, 7 and 8 
Payment is due at the time of registration (within 10 days after a child is selected for a team).
 - Additional costs for uniforms may apply.
The Travel Program is a *TRYOUT* oriented level for players with more advanced skills.  The program includes participation in highly competitive games against other towns’ travel teams. 

Skill development and practices are more demanding than in the in-town recreation program. In short—the travel basketball program is geared to a more serious and committed player.



There is no requirement to register for a tryout.  However, parents are required to sign the Travel Waiver/Release Form prior to sending their child to a tryout.

Tryouts are grade based with independent evaluators and coaches who score and rank players on dribbling, shooting, passing, defense, and knowledge of the game at “game speed.”

Each team will have no more than 10 players; provided that for 3rd and 4th grades, the coach can request two additional players per team with approval of the Board of Directors.  Independent evaluators and coaches will present the top recommendations for each team and rank the players who participated in the tryouts. The team will consist of the top recommendations. 

All participants in the Travel Program must play with their grade level. 

In the case where there are a minimum of 18 qualified travel players for any grade, the Board of Directors will consider fielding two travel teams for that grade  – provided that qualified coaches are approved by the Board for both teams and the integrity of the USR Travel Basketball Program is not compromised. In such cases, the "A" team will consist of the top 8-10 players and the "B" team will be the second 8-10 players. This will assure that the better players compete against better players from other teams, while the next level of players will continue to develop. The leagues we compete in subscribes to this format and division of play as well.

If a player who wishes to participate in the Travel Program is injured and cannot participate in the scheduled travel team tryouts, he/she can either a) play recreational basketball when cleared to play; or b) request a tryout with the travel team as soon as he/she is able to resume play, as documented from the player’s doctor prior to January 15th. If the player cannot return to action prior to January 15th, he/she cannot tryout for travel during that season.

If the player requests a tryout with the travel team, he/she will be invited to attend a full practice of the team and will be evaluated relative to the other team players by an independent evaluator and the coach. If the player ranks among the top 10 players, it will be the coach's decision whether to add the player to the roster. If the player does not rank among the top 10 players on the court, he/she will not be offered a spot on the team. In no case will another player be asked to leave the team to accommodate the new player.



The travel season runs from mid-October through middle of March.  Game schedule is dictated by each league.  Practice schedule is dictated by the coach.



3rd Girls - Paul Manganelli

3rd Boys -TBD

4th Girls Sue Gallo

4th Boys Larry Deluise

5th Girls  DJ Tencellent

5th Boys  Jay Vogel

6th , 7th and 8th Girls Adam Brown

6th Boys Larry Deluise 

7th Boys JR Inman

8th Boys Doug Edmonds